Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer warned President Donald Trump on Sunday that any firearm legislation that falls short of universal background checks for gun sales “will not get the job done,” complicating delicate negotiations between the president and a group of senators. Trump has been discussing potential legislationContinue Reading

The push to legalize marijuana quickly transformed the cannabis industry into a multibillion dollar legal business. And now Fortune 500 companies and elite K Street lobbying firms have joined the green gold rush. Altria, the tobacco giant better known for Marlboros, recently took a $1.8 billion stake in the cannabis companyContinue Reading

The United States is feeling some North American peer pressure to get in on the cannabis boom. Producers in Canada, where marijuana is legal for medicinal and recreational uses, are already planning for a future where pot is a globally traded commodity, and some are setting themselves up to profitContinue Reading

Senate Banking Chairman Mike Crapo says he wants to hold a vote on legislation that would enable banks to serve cannabis-related businesses, in what would be a major victory for the marijuana industry and for lenders eager to enter the space. In an interview with POLITICO, Crapo said he didContinue Reading

A marijuana-related vaping disease outbreak gave the Trump administration the perfect opportunity to tackle another public health problem: teen e-cigarette use. But the two aren’t directly related. One of the crises largely involves pot, the other nicotine. One is driven by illicit marijuana vapes, the other by fruity-flavored nicotine vapors. ButContinue Reading

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer intends to put cannabis banking legislation on the floor this month, a historic step toward legitimizing the marijuana industry nationwide. A Hoyer spokesperson said the Maryland Democrat was discussing the matter with members but hasn’t scheduled the vote just yet. He shared his plans at a whipContinue Reading