Other allies, however, reacted angrily to Macron’s remarks, which they regarded as reckless and damaging. U.S. President Donald Trump called Macron’s statement “very insulting to a lot of different forces.” Still, NATO leaders agreed at a summit held outside of London in December that Stoltenberg should head up a “reflectionContinue Reading

Designed to prevent them from having to lay off workers or shut down completely, it enabled cash-strapped businesses to get tax refunds by redoing their previous year’s taxes to take into account their current losses. Republicans cut that back, though, to help finance the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, andContinue Reading

“Decisions about which individuals may be activated are still being reviewed,” Hoffman said. “Generally, these members will be persons in Headquarters units and persons with high demand medical capabilities whose call-up would not adversely affect their civilian communities,” Hoffman said. The departments would consult with state officials before using anyContinue Reading