Venture capital investment is one of the top places startups look out for when seeking funding for their business alongside other popular options like angel investing and crowdfunding. Moreso, there is a lot of competition with investors doing all they can to determine the viability of a business before puttingContinue Reading

Designed to prevent them from having to lay off workers or shut down completely, it enabled cash-strapped businesses to get tax refunds by redoing their previous year’s taxes to take into account their current losses. Republicans cut that back, though, to help finance the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, andContinue Reading

Image copyright James Gill Image caption A team birthday at GoSquared “I was on a call last week and a colleague’s half-naked boyfriend walked behind her,” recalls communications consultant Jason Nisse. His experience illustrates the pitfalls of videoconferencing, a technology that thousands of workers are getting used to as theyContinue Reading