If it weren’t for the racket from a helicopter landing on the roof, the complex of heavily modified and interconnected cargo containers in a corner of Burlington International Airport would be a great place to hang out. The structure has a sleek wood-lined lounge, two cozy bedrooms, and a viewContinue Reading

Japan’s Defense Ministry said that presumed ballistic missiles were believed to have splashed into the sea outside of Japan’s exclusive economic zone. “Recent repeated firings of ballistic missiles by North Korea is a serious problem to the entire international community including Japan,” a ministry statement said. In recent weeks, NorthContinue Reading

“I’ve got a flat forehead from beating my head against the wall,” he told voters during a town hall meeting in July 2010. First elected to the U.S. House during the so-called Republican Revolution in 1994, Coburn fiercely criticized the use of federal money for special state projects and wasContinue Reading

“No [Chinese] province had more than fifteen hundred cases outside the Hubei province,” Gottlieb said, referencing the epicenter of China’s outbreak. “In the United States right now, there’s nine cities that have more than 1,500 cases to date.” Gottlieb’s list of U.S. cities he’s “very worried” about include New Orleans,Continue Reading

Image copyright Getty Images The NHS has confirmed it is teaming up with leading tech firms to ensure critical medical equipment is available to the facilities most in need during the coronavirus outbreak. It blogged the firms would create computer dashboard screens to show the spread of the virus andContinue Reading