There’s something deeply unsettling about stepping out of the home-from-work boredom of self-isolation into the tense, ambient panic of grocery shopping during a pandemic. Normal is a double-sided coin now. At home, things feel hyperreal and outside they feel entirely surreal—two steps removed from the flashback scenes in a post-apocalypticContinue Reading

“Our capabilities are focused on trauma … they don’t have necessarily the segregated spaces that you need to deal with infectious diseases,” Esper said, adding that building field hospitals or deploying the hospital ships could “take the pressure off of civilian hospitals when it comes to trauma cases to openContinue Reading

The gaming industry wasn’t left out either: Casinos will be able to tap government loans for disaster assistance, a payback after casinos were blocked from receiving tax breaks extended to other businesses after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. As the colossal $2 trillion rescue package heads toward President Donald Trump’s deskContinue Reading

“Right now, we are seeing 45 to 55-plus requests for assistance,” he said, adding that the vast majority are from people who just lost their jobs. “That number continues to climb, as well.” Another choice for newly unemployed people who had workplace coverage is to stay enrolled in those plansContinue Reading