Image copyright PA Media Data collected gathered via the NHS’s 111 telephone service is to be mixed with other sources to help predict where ventilators, hospital beds, and medical staff will be most in need. The goal is to help health chiefs model the consequences of moving resources to bestContinue Reading

“Particularly now, people are hungry to know what’s happening. We have a perfect view of one aspect of this crisis,” Stephen Wood, a senior director at Earth-imaging company Maxar, told POLITICO. “We feel compelled to get this information out.” The Colorado-based Maxar operates four satellites which can collect 3 millionContinue Reading

Internet service providers said they could handle the deluge of traffic but were adding capacity. Verizon, Cox and AT&T said they were building more cell sites to strengthen mobile networks, increasing the number of fiber connections on their network backbones, and upgrading the routing and switching technology that lets devicesContinue Reading

Ten days later, the price tag for the Senate’s coronavirus economic rescue package has ballooned to more than $2 trillion, twice what Kudlow initially suggested, making it by far the most expensive spending bill in history. The legislation — which passed the Senate by a unanimous, 96-0 vote late WednesdayContinue Reading

Hogan’s frustration burst into the open Tuesday, when he blasted Trump during a CNN interview for sending “pretty confusing” messages on the virus that don’t sync up with the experience on the ground. “Most people think we’re weeks away from the peak, if not months. That’s the advice we’re gettingContinue Reading

When the time comes to replace your trusty running shoes, it’s pretty much impossible to ignore the signs. Your heels have fresh blisters, you feet are sore, the shoe’s foam cushioning has gone flat, and the rubber sole treads are worn and losing their grip. But buying a new pair of runningContinue Reading