It might appear that data — the information you find in a scientific article, a history book, or a set of survey results — is just a collection of objective facts. The numbers, if sourced well, are supposed to be the hard truth untarnished by opinions, perspectives, or biases. InContinue Reading

When asked about the prospects for a bipartisan deal to reauthorize the expiring pieces of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, Barr responded: “We’ll see.” Senior aides for Speaker Nancy Pelosi and McCarthy have been negotiating in earnest in recent days after it became clear that committee leaders in both partiesContinue Reading

Image copyright Louise Halford Image caption Louise Halford decided to self-isolate When one of Louise Halford’s staff members returned from a ski trip with flu-like symptoms, she advised him to work from home rather than risk bringing the coronavirus into the office. Ms Halford also decided to work from homeContinue Reading