The fight echoes the post-9/11 debate over whether the government should accept liability for anti-terrorism technologies that fail to prevent future attacks or antidotes to anthrax that were produced on a large scale. Under the 2005 PREP Act, the government assumes the cost of liability claims when it asks companiesContinue Reading

“We have a clean sheet approach to everything we’re doing,” Crosier said at a quarterly meeting of the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services. “The workforce today … operates differently than the workforce did 10, 15, 20, 35 years ago for so many reasons. We want to makeContinue Reading

A bipartisan pair of US senators today introduced long-rumored legislation known as the EARN IT Act. Meant to combat child sexual exploitation online, the bill threatens to erode established protections against holding tech companies responsible for what people do and say on their platforms. It also poses the most seriousContinue Reading