Artificial intelligence (AI) has been around since the nineteenth century. But what exactly is artificial intelligence, today? Can we call artificial intelligence technology, or is it something else? Here are three phases of life – Past (evolution), present (processing/implementation), and finally, the future (saturation/extending) of AI because AI is theContinue Reading

The fiscal 2021 budget would eliminate the $120 million that NASA’s Office of STEM Engagement, which provides a range of educational opportunities from informal programs at museums to grants at colleges, received in fiscal 2020. But it would boost the exploration budget by 46 percent to send humans back toContinue Reading

Then Trump called the coronavirus “their new hoax.” Trump’s comments came as the White House has struggled to adequately respond to and contain the coronavirus’s increasingly sweeping path. At the rally — held here on the eve of the Democratic primary in South Carolina — he sought to manage Americans’Continue Reading

Image copyright LinkedIn Image caption The response to Preswerx’s advert, placed on business social network LinkedIn last month, has so far been disappointing A consultancy that makes business training videos is advertising for a “deepfake expert” to create a new generation of presenters. Until now, the vast majority of deepfakeContinue Reading

Schools in the United States prepare for all manner of disasters and threats, whether hurricanes, mass shooters, tornadoes, influenza or head lice. But this week, a stark new order came from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Get ready for the coronavirus. Around the nation, school officials and parentsContinue Reading

Publicly, the president tried to show he had taken command and assured that Americans were safe. “The risk to the American people remains very low,” he said. “We have the greatest experts really in the world.” But behind the scenes, officials have prepared for scenarios in which the virus couldContinue Reading

Trump’s campaign to root out “anti-Trump” members of his administration following his impeachment acquittal provided the NSC the perfect opportunity to finally oust Rood, current and former officials said. “He never hesitated to tell the White House that he disagreed on stuff,” said one former administration official, citing the withdrawalContinue Reading